Burn All Sources of Retreat



What are you willing to give in order to get what you want? Do you even know what you want? Learning and implementing all the tips and techniques to have a successful website is a good practice. However, a person will find themselves quickly burnt out and on the verge of quitting if they don’t know the why behind all of their effort.

In the self development world knowing your “why” becomes common advice with all the “gurus.”  The redundancy can minimize the powerful impact such advice has in a person’s life. Don’t underestimate the power of having a desire that has a pull on your life driving you into taking the action, sacrificing comfort, and persisting through challenges.

In the life changing book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill relates the following story “A long while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to the enemy’s country, unloaded soldiers and equipment, then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle he said, “You see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave the shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice-we win-or we perish!” They won.”

An attitude begins to consume your every thought and action when the reason for accomplishing what you want is powerful. The soldiers in the battle related in the previous story had a very compelling why; to survive. When you eliminate any other option other than success the result is inevitable. Sacrificing and persistence becomes infinitely easier when you stake your entire future on getting what you want and leave no source for retreat.

What are you leaning on as a “plan b?” What ships are you leaving in the harbor to protect yourself from getting out there and achieving the results you desire?

Building a successful site and backlinks is not always a glamorous process which requires that you know the big reason for investing resources. Realize that you can accomplish what you want without knowing your “why” but it is incredibly more difficult and less rewarding. Once you’ve decided the result you want to achieve leave no room for escaping without getting the outcome desired.

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Title Tags Onsite Optimization

The elements of a webpage play a critical factor in optimizing for search engine ranking and driving traffic. After all, having people see your content and convert to sales is the primary objective, don’t you agree? Starting with the content created for your site allows you to take control of the items that influence search engines. Let’s begin by looking at how your site is crawled.

An individual begins looking for information on a certain topic and is almost instantly presented with results matching the search. A “bot” sweeps or crawls a number of websites to determine the relevancy and content in order to match it to the queries placed by people. The webpage is indexed with all of the different words associated with the site so that the search engine can quickly supply the person with the most relevant information available.

The title tag is one of the key elements crawled for ranking web pages and serving results. Optimizing your content within each of your pages with title tags allows you to gain control of what the crawler sees but how do you do it?

What is a title tag?  

The description of a document online is the title tag. Commonly you will find the title tags demonstrated in the search engine results page, browsers, and external websites.


Browser Title - Creating Backlinks







Search Engines

Search engine title





External Sites

external sites title






Creating Title Tags

The title tags are found in the code of the webpage within the HTML. Gaining access to the HTML allows you to make changes to the title tag thus permitting you the control discussed within this article. Adding targeted keywords into the title tag will help create the result you desire when the search engine crawls your pages. There are a variety of methods to accessing the HTML of a webpage depending upon how the site was created. A simple Google or Youtube search will help you gain the information you need to discover the steps to accessing the HTML.

Once you have accessed the HTML of your webpage the following is an example of how it will look within the code:

<title>targeted keywords and description </title>

The tag offers the search engines information that it needs to determine site content and relevancy. Optimizing the title can be accomplished by being attentive to the length, adding keywords, and making it relevant. The length should be no more than 60 characters and include keywords without duplication. Ensure that the title tag is relevant to the page and site so that you are not penalized for spamming the search engines.

Take advantage of this effective on page optimization technique in order to see success with your webpage. When creating backlinks getting high search engine ranking can accelerate the process because of the visibility of your site.

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Top 10 Backlinking Mistakes

Backlinking Mistake

Search engines have identified key features that establish page rank. Backlinking is a process that envelopes a significant portion of securing high ranking in the searches. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of suggestions and techniques to follow. Sifting through all the advice becomes straightforward when you understand the mistakes to avoid. Would that be helpful?

Mistake #1: Anchor Text

The clickable text in a hyperlink is anchor text. Commonly the practice is to include keywords as the hyperlink pointing back to a page on your site. For example, consider that you have a website about Sports Utility Vehicles and you have decided upon the following keywords:

luxury sports utility vehicles

used sports utility vehicles

crossover sports utility vehicle

mid size sports utility vehicle


Creating anchor text with all of the aforementioned keywords is okay but the mistake occurs when there is no natural variety to the links pointing back to your website. Overusing these words is unnatural and is a clear indicator to search engines that you are making attempts to climb ranking making your site look spammy. Add variety to the anchor text you are using by substituting with click here, a URL, and phrases that contain the keyword.


Mistake #2: Relevancy

Websites that are similar to yours provide great value for backlinking. In the past search engines looked at quantity over quality for links. Webmasters would spread their URL’s across as many sites as possible without any consideration to relevancy. With recent algorithm updates it is far more important to build links that come from websites that are relevant to yours. The mistake comes in thinking that quantity is of higher importance to search engines.

Mistake #3: Distribution

Pointing nearly all links to your homepage is a common mistake and appears very artificial. Manipulating the ranking of your site can get the webpage penalized. Internal and external linking needs to be natural and should be distributed across many pages of the site.

Mistake #4: Rate

Remember you want backlinking to be natural or appear that way to the search engines. The rate at which you acquire links is an indicator of how you are receiving them. When a webmaster uses software the rate can be dramatic and unnatural. Search engines will penalize your site for rapid link building.

Mistake #5: Quality

What makes a link of more quality than another? As previously mentioned the rate at which you acquire links or even the quantity at this point doesn’t have the impact it used to in ranking. Poor quality can get into a number one spot with Google for a short time but you will find the site penalized and quickly drop if not blacklisted from the search results. Following the previously mentioned ideas such as the rate, relevancy, anchor text, and distribution are all factors of quality couple this with a high page rank website and you’ll achieve long term success.

Mistake #6: Homepage

The initial impression a customer sees on your website is typically the homepage. It goes without saying that the homepage is a critical segment of a webpage. However, having all of your backlinks pointing to your homepage does not appear natural. Spread the links across all pages on your site and realize the benefit of driving traffic to all areas of the site.

Mistake #7: No-Follow Sites

It is commonly misunderstood that no-follow sites have no value for link building. However, no – follow sites offer value in links but do not pass Page Rank. Proactively seeking these no – follow sites is not a waste of your time but rest assured there is value because page rank is not the only factor in search engine optimization.

Mistake #8: Outsourcing

Using software for backlinking creates a large number of links in a relatively short period of time and loses the natural strategy as mentioned beforehand. Although, paying an SEO company or individual to build backlinks can be very effective.

Mistake #9: Uniformity

There is a variety of techniques that can be implemented which include; guest posts, article marketing, forums, press releases, etc. The mistake comes in utilizing only one of the techniques and not getting link diversity. For example, posting a bunch of content on an article site as your only strategy won’t provide diversity. Rather, forum posting, article marketing and guest posts can all be used to get the backlinks your site needs.

Mistake #10: Exchange

Exchanging links in itself is not particularly a bad practice. The issue arises when there is no relevancy, they are acquired too rapidly, and no diversity. If you want to implement the exchange make sure that they are quality backlinks.

By avoiding the preceding pitfalls you can accelerate the success of your website and results. Start by implementing the techniques that are contrary to the mistakes. All the best wishes in rising to the top of the search engines.


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Building Backlinks – Niche Sites

The power of focus when directed toward an end result ignites and collaborates with forces that achieve success most dream of. A niche is defined as a concentrated marketing effort towards a targeted segment of the market. When building backlinks it is critical to have a focused niche and set of keywords to direct your efforts. Choosing the right niche for your site with focused keywords can mean the difference between success and failure. Understanding the steps for building a successful website would be valuable, don’t you agree?

niche marketNiche Discovery

The presumption is that you have decided upon a niche for your site and want some techniques for backlinking. However, following is a brief description of the steps you can take to discover your niche. The best place to start is in listing all of your interests and hobbies. Typically a person will have greater positive results when they are working on something they enjoy. Secondly, you need to understand if people are actually searching for the niche you’ve chosen and what competition you’ll have to deal with. Checking the search volume in addition to the total number of sites that populate from the keyword placed in the search engine sheds light on the competition and demand for the niche you’re researching. Now you need to see if money can actually be made with the market you are targeting. Direct the research towards affiliate products, adsense, and other monetization methods available.

internal linkingInternal Linking

Very little attention is given to internal links and the significance they have upon search engine ranking and the achievement of the webpage. Internal linking are the links between your pages on the website. The objective is to have the links pointing to your homepage for the keyword that you are wanting to rank in the search engines. Use anchor text throughout the content and various locations for each page pointing back to the homepage. Make sure that you add variations to the location of the anchor text so that it appears natural.

building backlinksBuilding Backlinks

Have you ever heard the phrase “content is king?” In the case of backlinks the phrase is absolutely true. Search engines only have the ability to read text and so it goes without saying that it is increasingly important to create valuable content. Building content can pay dividends many times over by sharing it on Web 2.0 sites and adding value to your webpage. Using article marketing with high ranked websites creates value for links to your site as well. Guest blogging with the content can be an option in addition to Press Releases. There are a variety of options but the important factor to bear in mind is the quality and not quantity.

Focus on receiving quality links with whatever method is implemented in order to receive high rank with the search engines. With the new Google algorithm updates that are released a common pattern is being revealed. In order to hold high search engine ranking with Google for the long term you want to have natural and quality backlinks.

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Implement Resource Pages For Creating Backlinks

The process of attracting links often times becomes overcomplicated by those who are looking for a quick and fast solution. Even though there are a lot of strategies that can build links relatively quickly it is the approaches that offer minimal or no work involved that can be misleading. Do not be fooled into thinking that there is not work involved in building a successful site by creating valuable links and content. An element that can be missed by many is the structure of their website in attracting links.

People turn to the internet for information in most cases. They are searching for something and want to be able to get what they need as quickly as possible with the greatest value. Understanding that when a visitor lands on your site they will quickly determine if what you have to offer is going to provide answers and the value they seek. The challenge then becomes having your site structured in the right way to help the visitor get to the information they need in the fastest way possible. Unfortunately, most of us are not mind readers and have no way of predicting what each visitor is going to want. Luckily there is a solution and it can help visitor’s access information rapidly while creating backlinks for you in the process.


Does it sound too good to be true? If a visitor has landed on your page it is because they have been searching for a topic around the subject matter you have devoted the website towards. Now you have the advantage of providing the visitor with a hand selection of the top information around this subject to supply the answer they are looking for. Once they get their answer it becomes infinitely easier for them to share the link to your site or article that’s been provided. Individuals realize that if they have a question to a problem than most of their associations likely have the same problem and want an answer. Collaboration can be a natural result with other webmasters by offering a simple direction to obtaining solutions to their problem as well. The solution is building a resource page into the structure of your site.

A resource page is a webpage on the site that has links, articles, or links to articles hand selected and placed into one area. The most effective strategy is to have a persuasive headline about the content you have placed a link for as a short introduction to the material they will be sent to. The landing page of your website can introduce a problem that has been common with your visitors and that your site addresses followed by a link to your resource page. Offering answers in this way creates opportunity to attract links by visitors who place backlinks on their site as a solution to their guests and as mentioned previously the natural process of sharing good information.

Creating a resource page is a simple technique for building backlinks and having a user friendly structure to address the questions visitors have around your subject matter. Obtaining links by a natural process helps lay the foundation to a successful backlink campaign, launching your site through the search engine rankings. Anytime you learn a strategy that offers a simple solution to creating value and propelling your objectives forward quickly it is advantageous to implement without delay.


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Increase Backlinks by Understanding How People Read a Website

Creating - Increase - BacklinksIf you want to increase backlinks understanding how a person reads a website provides an edge in provoking the visitor to take the action you desire. When a visitor lands on your site there is an end goal that you want them to perform, whether it’s clicking something, making a purchase or simply adding a comment to an article. Understanding that a website offers an interactional experience with the user suggests the relevant importance of the site and content arrangement. In general, an individual is searching for a solution or answer so they don’t want to spend a great deal of time on a webpage.

Creating a certain response for the visitor by structuring content in a way that allows them to scan quickly and get the key points they are after will keep them on the webpage longer. After all, the longer a user stays on the site the more likely they are to perform the action you want. How often do you find lists, steps/tips or bullet items in an article online? Do you think that is by accident? Research has showed the process visitors use when scanning a website and it indicates that formatting content in a way that provides important information in an easy to find structure allows the user to read relevant information quickly. In other words, you are offering the solution or answer they want in a rapid and straightforward manner. Of course you don’t want every bit of writing on your site to be a list, tips, or bullet points.

Adding more white space to the content that is added to the site helps break up the reading in a similar fashion as bullet points, permitting the reader to access relevant information much faster. Spacing your paragraphs by making them smaller with only one important idea in each provides the effective structure wanted by the reader. Writing at times can become “wordy” because the writer wants to get their point across and can add a lot of detail or words to properly communicate the idea. Reducing the words and detail that goes into the material can add extra white space as well. Once you become aware of the structuring it is not a best practice to produce a bunch of promotional articles.

Again, being familiar with the fact that individuals are typically trying to get an answer or solution offers you the correct approach for providing information instead of a sales letter. People prefer to be massaged into a sale as opposed to getting in their face by writing a promotional article. In some circumstances website owners are successful with sales copy as their content but it is on a landing page and they have a lot of experience in writing such material. Presenting information in the right way can lead to a sale, click or whatever the end goal is for the visitor.

Writing can be hard work but don’t get your feelings hurt because the reader doesn’t want to read every written word. Take advantage of this new knowledge to develop material that is customized for a quick and easy route to finding answers and solutions and eventually leading to the performance from the visitor that you desire.

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Building Backlinks Through Credibility With Good Content Writing

Writing content that is credible and offers value to the reader can be a tremendous resource for building backlinks naturally. Individuals want to find information that is trustworthy from a reliable source. Understand that it is just as important that other website owners want to link to other sites with credible content. Spending the time to create articles that provide a resource with well thought out, researched and grammatically unblemished information earns its reward in the audience and links that you’ll receive. As the author of the content and someone working to earn money online it is necessary to become recognized in the marketplace. Credibility does not have to be obtained only through your writing as a medium.

A good place to start building credibility to obtain backlinks and a responsive audience is by adding contact information and an “about me” page. Someone that is apathetic in their writing or is looking to take advantage of you is most likely not going to take the time to add their contact information or give details about themselves. The internet can at times be very impersonal which presents its own challenges for drumming up business and converting to sales. However, an about me page adds a bit of a personal touch. Adding contact information easy to access shows an element of vulnerability and opens the lines of communication almost instantly granting trust with visitors. If you actually provide contact information than you must respond otherwise you’ll be like a lot of other cold site owners that are going through the motions.

Exorbitant promises causes suspicion for the reader and should be avoided. The idea is to become relatable as well as offer practical advice. People are inundated with offers and advertisements making them razor sharp in identifying hype. Attempting to find words that closely describe the message you are trying to convey supplies content that is more credible. Allow people to decide for themselves by not destroying the credibility in your writing.

Spelling and grammar illustrate to the reader that you care about the information you are providing. There is no excuse for misspelled words and even grammar can be a simple detail that is managed by the spelling and grammar tool provided in word programs. Suprisingly, a lot of individuals pay close attention and notice simple spelling mistakes. Proofreading your articles is another simple step to catching grammar and spelling issues that the tool may miss. Using affect and effect can be missed by the tool and is something that you can catch in proofreading.

Taking a little extra time in your writing to ensure that there is an image of credibility portrayed through the content provided can get readers coming back. As an added bonus people are always looking for content that is credible and informative to backlink on their sites.

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Creating Backlinks with Youtube

Creating Youtube Videos for Backlinks

Creating backlinks and reaching an audience in a new way adds greater value to your website. Additionally, being able to get your site recognized in a different arena and search engine can draw traffic that you might not have received otherwise. Utilizing the second largest search engine to reach new visitors and acquire links becomes increasingly important in the competitive internet arena. Youtube has become a tremendous resource for people to get information, entertainment, recognition and a host of other benefits. Getting links from Youtube is much simpler than first glance and is worth the effort for the reward.

Youtube much like other media sites allows you to create a profile where your link can be included. Before uploading any videos you have already begun the process of building backlinks. However, it is important to fully utilize the power Youtube offers in links and traffic. Commenting on other videos automatically places a link back to your Youtube channel that you’ve created. The following information will get you on the path to capturing a powerful technique to increase the success of your website.

As with any other endeavor that you are putting energy into online it is critical that you provide quality content and videos are no different. When a visitor watches your video and finds the corresponding link on the profile pointing back to your site they will be more likely to click the link when the content is quality. Prior to creating the video for backlinks it is essential to spend time building the content and editing the information you are providing. Following this step will save a great deal of time in the video compilation phase and helps ensure that you are offering information worthy of your visitors time.

Once you’ve taken care of the critical task of developing quality content it is important to make sure the video quality is watchable. The idea isn’t to be a professional videographer but to provide something that isn’t blurry and can be viewed pleasurably. The quality piece of the video is common sense and should not require a large measure of your time. However, realize that your thorough attention to this aspect is a big deal to a successful video. Invest some of your time in viewing the top ranked videos on your subject matter. After you have watched some competitors videos there will be a lot of ideas to help you build better quality and to develop something unique. Having a unique video will attract the attention of visitors and those that want to share the video you’ve created which can add to the backlinks you receive.

Overall, the process of creating a video is common sense and quite simple. Bear in mind the preceding suggestions to get the greatest quality content and videos in order to get backlinks from creating videos worthy of visitors attention.



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Creating Backlinks With A Google+ Profile

creating backlinks with google plus

Backlinks become increasingly valuable when they are received from a highly trusted site with immense credibility from Google. The challenge then becomes getting a link placed on these highly trusted and credible websites. The value you can receive by creating an oversupply of these quality links to your page pays great dividends in search result ranking. Seeking out sites that already rank in the top search results provide the framework for the places you want to get backlinks from. By understanding where you get worthwhile links it makes it simpler to focus your attention upon those webpages.

Trust with Google is the ultimate bread and butter for getting traffic to your site. Consider the power Google has had on our world when seeking information. Often, you hear people say “Did you Google it?” or “Just Google it.” The search engine has changed to a great extent the way we receive and access information. If you are not utilizing a strategy that involves improving search engine ranking with Google than you have missed the mark BIG TIME in any attempt at making money online. Realize that a huge majority of people spend a great deal of time online everyday and find much of their information through a search. It is necessary to begin creating backlinks that rank high within Google search results in order to improve the ranking of your site.

An effective free technique to receive backlinks from these highly trusted websites is making the most of Social Media. Do not be deceived by the idea of free, simply because it can appear to be ineffective or cheap method. A social media platform offers the opportunity to add a link on these fruitful websites that hold high rank with Google through creating a profile. Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace have been dominating forces in the Social Media arena for a while but Google has produced a site that holds high ranking and offers a link to be added in the profile.

Google+ is the contending idea that Google offers to compete in the large Social Media market. Setting up a profile with the platform linking back to your site is the proposal being suggested here. The best place to start with establishing a profile is the About Me page. Simply fill in the form with the fields requested and remember to include the link that you are creating for the profile with the intention of backlinking to your site. Once you follow the process to set up the Google+ profile don’t finalize traffic driving efforts there. As with any other Social Media site you can begin adding associates that can view your information. Interact with this community by adding details about you and your website in a natural and tactful manner.

Within a short time after consistent effort you can build a following and see traffic from your community through the efforts of interaction. Additionally, you have added to the value of your site by acquiring a highly trusted and credible website.


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Powerful Content Ideas When Creating Backlinks

Creating Backlinks with Content


Creating backlinks by writing articles becomes increasingly challenging after you’ve produced a large number of articles for the site. Continually generating new content can be difficult especially if you have a very narrow subject matter. Visitors are hungry to learn new things through the information that you provide but if you are slow to submit content that is entertaining and informative the audience you’ve built will begin to dwindle. Knowing the strategies to repeatedly generate new articles is the life blood of a successful website and backlink building campaign.

Technique #1

Reinventing the wheel is the last method you want to implement when trying to use your time effectively and creating articles that readers want to invest their time on. Someone has spent time in researching highly responsive topics and building content around it. Getting ideas for content through the time and energy that has already been invested by another person in their research can propel you into creating a large quantity of articles and increase the backlinks you receive. The technique starts at Amazon’s search box by typing in a keyword related to the content you want to write about. Make sure that you’ve selected books to filter the results you get. Once you begin the search a list of results will appear related to your topic. Choose a book with a title that stands out to you and look inside at the contents. The contents inside these books will begin triggering a surplus of ideas for articles you can post for creating backlinks.

Technique #2

Google offers an unbelievable amount of resources for information when doing a search around a keyword. Taking advantage of Google as a tool for generating ideas for content in the articles you’ll write is a technique that can produce a vast starting point for many articles. Simply type in the search box a keyword that you want to focus the writing on and begin reviewing the search results. There are also suggested keywords that the search engine supplies that can move you into a direction for producing more information for visitors.

Technique #3

Article directory websites allow you to see creative titles and concepts that leave you with articles to write for a while forward. There are article directories that have high quality content which can be used to produce ideas for future writing. Be selective in the directories that you use in order to have a large number of ideas to select from. Refer to a search engine and type in “article directories” as your keywords and you will find a list of places to begin getting content ideas. These directories have search boxes that allow you to type a keyword and proceed sifting through the titles and articles for all the ideas for content that you need.

Being able to produce content for your site and creating backlinks is essential to a successful webpage. Implement the preceding techniques to assist you in generating ideas for your articles. Get creative with how you brainstorm for content you produce.

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